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ELOGICSOFT.COM Wins 2022 Clutch Leaders Award for Leading Indian IT Services Provider

Technology has helped humanity understand and unlock different opportunities. Make the most out of your IT with us at ELOGICSOFT.COM! Headquartered in Kolkata, India, our team has a plethora of services and expertise ready to help you transform your business. Everything from WordPress, Lavarel, Codeigniter, and Woocommerce, our company will deliver the solution you need. Throughout the years, we’ve unlocked several key milestones, none more satisfying than seeing our clients succeed and be satisfied. It’s because of their appreciation for our work that we celebrate a phenomenal milestone today. Most recently, ELOGICSOFT.COM was officially named a Clutch Leader for India’s […]

How to transfer your opencart shop to live server

This is perhaps a little tricky for new bie who is new to OpenCart (OC). Please follow this steps. Step1: If you are using XAMPP €“ please upload all your local files from the htdocs/your_shop_dir to your live server www or public_html folder. Or if you want to upload in subdomain €“ please create one then upload all files there. Step2: Just change the path in both config.php (at _root & inside the admin folder) €“ make sure you have mentioned all DIR paths correctly. And put your DB info there. Nothing needed to change anywhere. Step3: Make sure that you […]

Benefits of Ecommerce Website

E-Commerce, or electronic commerce, is defined as the conduct of business and financial transactions by electronic means. It is the use of Internet technologies to bring together customers, business, partners, suppliers and employees in one single place under the roof. This category focuses on the many aspects of conducting business using the Internet and the World Wide Web: Marketing, Strategy, Training, Research, Practice, and Services, among other topics that are related to Electronic Commerce. This red hot business concept yields more revenue and thus the business enterprise gets more profitability in less time. Your ecommerce website or shop portal can […]