Terms and conditions

Web Design, Web Development, Payment & Programming Terms:

We are a Serious Freelancers and so willing to work with SERIOUS minded Clients who values their Time, Money & Commitment and vice versa.

  1. We expect your first mail to contain your exact requirements stated to the point along with work flow diagram. In case of design, please send in your requirements like color scheme, design theme, structure drawings, references etc. at the beginning of your project.
  2. Please send in all your requirements at a time. You may take one or two days extra before finalizing, but please ensure you do not increase your requirements in the second time. In case you do so, you will have to pay extra man-hour charges and your deadline will be extended.
  3. If you send more than one reference site as example, please send in the details about what sections of which site you wish to put in your work. For specification, you can also mark out and send screenshots. That will give perfection to your work.
  4. Only after getting your exact requirements we can specify the deadline of the project.
  5. Communication should be on a regular basis via online messenger chat or email. If you do not communicate within 3 working days in the middle of the project, we will stop working on your project because we always have lots of work pressure and other projects in the pipeline. However we provide extra facilities & advantages to our regular clients.
  6. Once a job is confirmed by the Client we need 50% upfront payment as Setup fees. Rest of the payments on completion for small projects. For Big projects payment will be made as per agreement by both parties and milestone achievement. If the project is not completed successfully we will refund the amount.
  7. After viewing the first draft version, if you want some changes, please send us all the changes preferably in one mail (if possible with screenshots) – you can take your time for this – may be 2-3 days – please communicate us by email at this stage. No further mails, obviously for the functionality/programming changes, will be entertained – it is because if we do change it will take time which means extra man hour will be involved.
  8. After your final approval no further changes will be made, in case of design. If so, you will have to pay extra man-hour charges and your deadline may be extended. Same is the case for web development too.
  9. On the course of layout design and web development we will show you by upload the files in our UAT server. We will provide you a link from where you can view your website. After getting at least 70% of the payment ( of the agreement amount ) then only we will upload your project in the live server (your server).
  10. We always try to complete all the projects as soon as possible but if you as a client do not communicate with us in time and does not send all the required source files of the project, then we are not responsible for the project deadline extension. In this case Team Elogicsoft will NOT liable to meet the deadline.
  11. Mode of Communication –  Online Chat & Email Or Phone Call.

Support and AMC:

  • Tech Support: We provide FREE support for the next 60 days from the date of Project being signed off. In this period we will do small design, css, color changes. Any major coding and/or functionality changes will reasonably be chargeable. We always value our Clients and try to serve our best.
  • AMC: The Annual Maintenance Contract between the Freelancer (Team Elogicsoft) and the Employer(Client) is subject to Terms of agreement against a fixed charge based on the work permit. The price/charge for AMC will be calculated as per man hour involved i.e the fees will be taken hourly basis. However we commit you that all this is market competitive and reasonable and will be clarified.

Any technical difficulties or natural disaster (like ISP problem, power fault, flood, earthquake, fire) will not be our fault.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us – Click Here and we will be happy to assist you.