Benefits of Ecommerce Website

benefits of ecommerce website, ecommerce website

Benefits of ecommerce website, ecommerce website developer –

E-Commerce, or electronic commerce, is defined as the conduct of business and financial transactions by electronic means. It is the use of Internet technologies to bring together customers, business, partners, suppliers and employees in one single place under the roof. This category focuses on the many aspects of conducting business using the Internet and the World Wide Web: Marketing, Strategy, Training, Research, Practice, and Services, among other topics that are related to Electronic Commerce. This red hot business concept yields more revenue and thus the business enterprise gets more profitability in less time.

Your ecommerce website or shop portal can manage your business even when you are at sleep. You can get orders of new Items, get payments by online credit card processing, Invoice management etc can all be well managed in an organized way.

Benefits of having a ecommerce website:

1. Running an ecommerce website means you can run your business 24x7x365 basis and from any corner of the Globe unless there is a Server issue.

2. You can earn money as there will be online payment system integrated in your e-commerce project.

3. No need to generate the Invoice to be sent to the Customer as this is also an automated process too. You also can generate Consignment record dynamically after a successful payment being made.

4. You can also track Product shipping and/or delivery in the web. So this is also an important advantage as this involves Business reputation.

5. In your ecommerce website basically No physical space is required to organise your Products. One just need to register a good domain ( a meaningful domain name and Webspace ) and Hosting it with a reputed webhost. The later is VERY VERY important. Please NOTE this is the backbone on which you are going to run the business. Server uptime is VERY important factor to be considered before hand. Religious effort is needed at this point.

6. Running business ads in the internet is comparitively cheaper. So this way one can promote his/her e-commerce Web SHOP at less cost.

7. Modern day Customers prefer easy and convenient buying so online e-commerce shops are best alternative options to them rather going to Shopping Mall.

In ecommerce website / application what we provide:

  • You will be provided with a separate well integrated password protected secured Admin Panel to manage your products.
  • You can add/edit unlimited product category, subcategory and products.
  • You can add products attributes like its color, size, Price, discount price etc.
  • Product zooming effect using Jquery.
  • You can display other related products to a product. And its toggle system.
  • Inventory management with Admin notification if there is no stock available.
  • Newsletter management, Banner management.
  • Tell a friend/recommend this product, Product rating/review system.
  • Website SEO with most specific keywords, description, meta tags etc.
  • User friendly (SEO friendly) product url – viz: