Web Design Services:

Why you need a website?

In modern day business, a business owner must need a website to spread his business to all corners of the Globe. Unless otherwise he will NOT survive. A website means a lot – when you give ads in Newspaper people can read only 1 day ( the day of advertisement published ) – next day morning when you get the Newspaper the old one is kept in the bottom of your Desk. People will NO longer see your Ad. But in Website as long as it runs your AD will promote your Business. So Online web presence is very important to […]

Ajax Technologies

In 90€™s web browsers and web sites were based on mainly static pages and for each user action a new web page had to be re-loaded from the server (or a new page loaded). This leads to slow down the user interaction greatly. So the new technology Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was introduced in the web technology. This is neither a language nor a technology itself, but a group of technologies that first used and implemented by Google to develop GMaps. Ajax uses a combination of HTML and CSS to mark up and style information. The DOM is accessed […]

WordPress as a CMS platform

Introduction: WordPress €“ a great open source that can be used both as a CMS platform and a blog too. This is not a good concept that wordpress can only be used to build a blog. It can easily be customizable into a real estate, e-commerce application, Fund management, Auction site, Social networking, a business web site, a very attractive gallery management site, a portfolio site and a Forum too. There are a lot of resource/plugins available in the web for wordpress. My early days: At the very beginning of my career I had heard it from one of my […]