ELOGICSOFT.COM Wins 2022 Clutch Leaders Award for Leading Indian IT Services Provider

Technology has helped humanity understand and unlock different opportunities. Make the most out of your IT with us at ELOGICSOFT.COM! Headquartered in Kolkata, India, our team has a plethora of services and expertise ready to help you transform your business. Everything from WordPress, Lavarel, Codeigniter, and Woocommerce, our company will deliver the solution you need.

Throughout the years, we’ve unlocked several key milestones, none more satisfying than seeing our clients succeed and be satisfied. It’s because of their appreciation for our work that we celebrate a phenomenal milestone today. Most recently, ELOGICSOFT.COM was officially named a Clutch Leader for India’s IT services sector this 2022!

ELOGICSOFT - Top IT Services in India

Clutch is a Washington DC-based market research platform that guides browsers through the complexities of the B2B industries worldwide. Each year, the site takes a moment to spotlight the top-performing firms that aced their rigorous evaluation process. Factors taken into account for these awards include client testimonials, case studies, market presence, and the range of services offered. Being hailed as a leading company means a lot! We know this will pave the way for different opportunities and projects moving forward.

“We’re extremely delighted to receive this honor! I am excited. Interested to see how it goes.” — Chief Executive Officer of ELOGICSOFT.COM

Our team wouldn’t be cheering and celebrating this milestone if it weren’t for our amazing clients. Thank you so much to everyone who showed their support! The reviews you’ve given us helped us gain this esteemed recognition. It’s an honor to be your partner and be hailed as a five-star Clutch Leader!

Elogicsoft Customers' review on Clutch Platform
Our Clients’ Reviews in Clutch

It’s only the first quarter of 2022! What else lies ahead for us? Even if challenges arise, ELOGICSOFT.COM will continue to deliver and go the extra mile.Need help designing your website? Looking for a team that provides award-winning IT services? Find out why we’re highly regarded! Work with us today. Send us a message and tell us more about the project you have in mind.