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ELOGICSOFT.COM Wins 2022 Clutch Leaders Award for Leading Indian IT Services Provider

Technology has helped humanity understand and unlock different opportunities. Make the most out of your IT with us at ELOGICSOFT.COM! Headquartered in Kolkata, India, our team has a plethora of services and expertise ready to help you transform your business. Everything from WordPress, Lavarel, Codeigniter, and Woocommerce, our company will deliver the solution you need. Throughout the years, we’ve unlocked several key milestones, none more satisfying than seeing our clients succeed and be satisfied. It’s because of their appreciation for our work that we celebrate a phenomenal milestone today. Most recently, ELOGICSOFT.COM was officially named a Clutch Leader for India’s […]

eLogicSoft Receives First Review On Clutch: Thank You To Our Client

At eLogicSoft, we believe in elevating small businesses so they can compete with the big fish. It’s why we spend extended periods of time conducting market research and strategizing because we want our clients to succeed in the smartest way possible. Since 2008, we have been a committed team in the web development and design industry working with clients from consumer product services to B2B business service industries. Our company relies on the feedback from our past clients to continue being innovative and providing the best service we can that achieves the results our clients need for continued elevation and […]


Give your small business a BIG Look

Importance of a website The present day business becomes more and more internet dependent. People love to get information from the internet. So to have a web presence for your business is a must these days.  About a decade ago people had a different thought due to the problem of a global awareness. These days people are becoming very busy, they want to buy items, grocery, and garments from online e-commerce web portal using credit card or by internet banking. They are getting advanced day by day. So a business also needs to think in an advanced way so that […]

Five things you should consider while designing a website

1. Layout Designing The layout design should be very professional looking and easy to navigate through the pages. No need to use too many colors and shade. These are really own fashioned design. Always remember to use less images, it only make your webpage heavy which results in slow loading of pages thereby affecting Website SEO and rank in major search engines. Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. 2. Mobile friendly responsive design The most recent trend is to make the web page mobile device compatible, otherwise you […]