Five things you should consider while designing a website

1. Layout Designing

The layout design should be very professional looking and easy to navigate through the pages. No need to use too many colors and shade. These are really own fashioned design. Always remember to use less images, it only make your webpage heavy which results in slow loading of pages thereby affecting Website SEO and rank in major search engines.

Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

2. Mobile friendly responsive design

The most recent trend is to make the web page mobile device compatible, otherwise you will lose customers. People are much more mobile friendly now-a-days and they are accessing the web in their spare time and even on the go. So if your web page does not look good and/or mobile incompatible you will most certainly lose customers. Your web page should be HTML5 and light weighted CSS for easy and quick rendering in browser. It should be XHTML and W3C validated.

Five things you should consider while designing a website

Five things you should consider while designing a website

3. Use of relevant images

One relevant image can represent a thousand words. So Google suggests using relevant yet light weighted optimized images on your web portal. This way you can attract more customers rather writing 1000 words.

4. Use of meta tags, meta title, meta description and alt tags

For better SEO a web master must have to choose specific and suitable keyword for Meta data. Search engines bots while crawling web pages it reads these meta data and save these in its algo based on it it produces search result. Similarly alt tag in image is very important. This is something tagging a image. This alt tag also plays an important role in SEO.

5. Creating a landing page

People loves to read info in one page. They love to scroll up/down the info rather clicking the other pages. These kind of pages is good for accessing through a mobile device – no need to navigate other pages because you have all relevant details in one single page.