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Website SEO Tips and Tricks -

Website SEO Tips and Tricks –

To gain more revenue from your website one should always keep a close watch on his/her  website’s SEO and its high page rank in Google, MSN, Yahoo and other popular search engines. And please keep it in mind that this is not at all a over night job to get the expected  result. You have to draw a relevant plan/strategy to meet this target. There are some  important steps one should have to do as follows:

1. Home Page Content:

This is by far the most important aspect that which you write in your  home page because almost all the popular search engines crawls your site’s home page (index  page). So always put most relevant information like your business objective, your organistions strength, its reputation, the skill set etc etc. It is better to write these  down point wise (use ul, li html tags) rather than writing a paragraph because later is not  a convenient way for your visitors to go through all the contents in less time.

2. Inner Page Title and Contents:

The web master (site admin) should write the inner page  title meaningful with the page content because the page title, URL enhances the SEO to a  great extent. Search engines track each page title and its URL when a visitor lands in that page.

3. Meta tags, Keywords, and Description:

The web master should choose proper and relevant keywords, tags (preferably avoid repeated words) in this area. It is preferable to use page wise meta tags, keywords and meta description. It will be more beneficial for your website to use page title, keywords and description relating to the page content. In wordpress there is a very popular and useful plugin available named as “All in One SEO Plugin”. Click here to download it. Just install this plugin and you can enter different tags, keywords, description for each page and posts.

4. Google Analytics Code (GA Code):

Register your website with google and you will get  this unique code. Paste this code at the footer section in your site so that every time the page loads google track your site and thus enhances the site’s SEO.

5. Create Sitemap Page:

This will be more userfriendly if you create this page. Visitors can  quickly browse through the website. In wordpress there is a popular plugin that when installed will create a .xml page at the server _root level. The xml file is named as sitemap.xml. You also can directly browse this page typing the full url  ( at the browser’s address bar. Download this plugin from here.

6. Create Robots.txt:

Open Notepad and Create a robot.txt file and upload this at the _root (Server root) by using your favourite FTP program. You also can write the sitemap.xml full URL (like for more efficient performance. To learn more about this please click here.

7. Inbound and Outbound Links:

This is perhaps the most important SEO aspect to be religiously concerned. You can do this doing Blog/Forum post and directory submit. Just put the site URL there while posting. You can also join link exchange program with some popular websites.

8. Clean Page URL (SEO Friendly URL):

Clean page URL always be an advantage for Google (or other search  engines) to track. One can easily memorise the URL and this will be based on page title and  content. This will create more traffic in your website. Click here to read more about this  topic.

9. Website Caching for Faster Page Load:

This is also another great aspect that you can not  ignore at all. Visitors get pleasant if they can access through pages in less time and on  the other hand they will leave the site if it takes more time to load data. Yes website caching helps you in this regard. Read more about webpage caching. In wordpress there is a  ready made plugin to manage this job quiet efficiently and easily. You are just some clicks  away. Visit here to get this plugin now.

10. Site images on Web SEO:

Website images play an important role in Web SEO. It is obvious that image size matters most for faster page loading. So light or thumbnail images are always preferred in this regard. Besides that with the advent of Web 2.0 technology CSS also plays a major role now-a-days. So image type (whether it is a jpg or png or gif) is also a factor in Website SEO. And don’t forget to write meaningful alt and title tags on images. This greatly enhances in SEO.

11. Set your Site URL in Browser’s Home Page:

It is another clever yet very interesting technique to increase your website’s traffic. Set your website as browser’s homepage. You can do it quiet easily in Mozilla Firefox Or Google Chrome.