Web Design Services:

Give your small business a BIG Look

Importance of a website The present day business becomes more and more internet dependent. People love to get information from the internet. So to have a web presence for your business is a must these days.  About a decade ago people had a different thought due to the problem of a global awareness. These days people are becoming very busy, they want to buy items, grocery, and garments from online e-commerce web portal using credit card or by internet banking. They are getting advanced day by day. So a business also needs to think in an advanced way so that […]

Five things you should consider while designing a website

1. Layout Designing The layout design should be very professional looking and easy to navigate through the pages. No need to use too many colors and shade. These are really own fashioned design. Always remember to use less images, it only make your webpage heavy which results in slow loading of pages thereby affecting Website SEO and rank in major search engines. Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. 2. Mobile friendly responsive design The most recent trend is to make the web page mobile device compatible, otherwise you […]

Why you use a PHP Framework?

Key benefits of using a MVC PHP framework: Structured Coding: If you use a framework – your code will be very structured and organised. This way you may code more faster and this ensure the security of the site. Using Model-View-Controller you can separate Raw Code/functions ( in Controller), Business Logic/DB interaction ( in Models) and HTML (in Views). Save time: Using framework you may save coding time a lot by reusing your code from previous projects. You can use Controllers, Models, and evn Views – just changing the CSS etc. Thats it. This way you can deliver projects in less […]

Why you prefer Jquery over Flash?

Adobe Flash became web designer’s dream in the late 90’s. It was basically a vector-based animation platform. It was very popular that time and was widely used in various websites. But with the advent of Jquery, Flash gradually lost its popularity. As the technology upgrades everyday Jquery becomes obvious choice over the Adobe Flash. There are some obvious reasons for this. I am trying to write it down point wise. Flash is heavier but Jquery is light weighted – it implies that from SEO point of view Jquery is better than Flash. Jquery runs based on its own library (Jquery […]

Ajax Technologies

In 90€™s web browsers and web sites were based on mainly static pages and for each user action a new web page had to be re-loaded from the server (or a new page loaded). This leads to slow down the user interaction greatly. So the new technology Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was introduced in the web technology. This is neither a language nor a technology itself, but a group of technologies that first used and implemented by Google to develop GMaps. Ajax uses a combination of HTML and CSS to mark up and style information. The DOM is accessed […]