Web Design Services:

Five things you should consider while designing a website

1. Layout Designing The layout design should be very professional looking and easy to navigate through the pages. No need to use too many colors and shade. These are really own fashioned design. Always remember to use less images, it only make your webpage heavy which results in slow loading of pages thereby affecting Website SEO and rank in major search engines. Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. 2. Mobile friendly responsive design The most recent trend is to make the web page mobile device compatible, otherwise you […]

How to Install an SSL Certificate

  Install an SSL certificate Use either of the following methods to install an SSLcertificates on your server. If the installation succeeds, WHM displays a confirmation message. If the installation fails, WHM displays an error message to indicate the problem. Browse Certificates To find and select a certificate on your server, and install it, perform the following steps: Click Browse Certificates. The SSL Certificate Listwindow will appear. Select an account from the Browse Accountmenu, or select Browse Apache. Note: The menu’s certificates correspond to the account that you select. This menu does not indicate that the system will install the selected certificate to the selected account. Select […]

Why you need a website?

In modern day business, a business owner must need a website to spread his business to all corners of the Globe. Unless otherwise he will NOT survive. A website means a lot – when you give ads in Newspaper people can read only 1 day ( the day of advertisement published ) – next day morning when you get the Newspaper the old one is kept in the bottom of your Desk. People will NO longer see your Ad. But in Website as long as it runs your AD will promote your Business. So Online web presence is very important to […]

Why you prefer Jquery over Flash?

Adobe Flash became web designer’s dream in the late 90’s. It was basically a vector-based animation platform. It was very popular that time and was widely used in various websites. But with the advent of Jquery, Flash gradually lost its popularity. As the technology upgrades everyday Jquery becomes obvious choice over the Adobe Flash. There are some obvious reasons for this. I am trying to write it down point wise. Flash is heavier but Jquery is light weighted – it implies that from SEO point of view Jquery is better than Flash. Jquery runs based on its own library (Jquery […]

Web 2.0 and Website SEO

Web 2.0 is the modern day web concept. We often call it as a web technique or web technology but what is true is this is basically a web concept. If we look approx 10 years back one will find that most of the websites were running with static contents and the web master needs to change/edit from the HTML pages and which is why is tedious for a Non Tech person to handle the situation. So now with the advent of web 2.0 idea (concept) we are now doing/making database driven website where the webmaster has the complete freedom […]