Web 2.0 and Website SEO

Web 2.0 is the modern day web concept. We often call it as a web technique or web technology but what is true is this is basically a web concept. If we look approx 10 years back one will find that most of the websites were running with static contents and the web master needs to change/edit from the HTML pages and which is why is tedious for a Non Tech person to handle the situation. So now with the advent of web 2.0 idea (concept) we are now doing/making database driven website where the webmaster has the complete freedom to change/edit web content whenever he needs to do the same.

Website SEO and Business Promotion - elogicsoft.com

Website SEO and Business Promotion – elogicsoft.com

Web 2.0 and its impact on website SEO:

  1. The webmasters should always keep in mind that the site contents are the main thing promoting the website in Google, Yahoo, Bing because Search Engines like relevant keywords, phrases which helps the search engine spider to crawl the Site. So the web master or his SEO consultant should have to choose proper keywords, Title tag and description in an best possible way and also have to do brainstorming, researched about the keywords competition and uniqueness.
  2. To reach globally a webmaster should keep in mind that his/her website is easily accessible through Smart Phone Device like iPhone, Tabs etc. Responsive Design is the only solutions to make a Smart Phone device accessible website.
  3. Social Media and social bookmarking: If you share your posts and bookmark the site contents with Digg, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking site it is always better to promote your web site in Google or other search engine. You can create a facebook page for your business for better publishing and web promoting. This type of social sharing makes your website known globally via this media.
  4. Linking to Social Networking site: Sharing your web contents and web page links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Delicious, Digg always makes you taking the upper hand in SEO. This will help you to boost your Google Page Rank (PR). This is also called as back link technique.
  5. Submitting your site to Google and other search engines should be first and most important approach in website SEO. Directory submit, link building are other techniques.
  6. To make your site SEO friendly you should have to take some steps as below:
  • Make your site content well readable and use simple but relevant keywords. This attracts the Visitor’s interest. The ultimate target is to boost up your site’s traffic.
  • Make sure that your site loads faster. The visitor may leave your site if it takes more time to load. Optimized coding, use of small graphics (try to avoid large high definition graphics) with meaningful image tag & title will help.
  • The website design interface will be such that the Visitor can navigate the site pages easily and comfortably. The overall interface and font color should be favorable to human eye to make it a visitor friendly website.
  1. It will be a wise decision to make your site appear in online internet ads like Google ad word campaign. This will generate revenue as well as the site’s traffic will be enhanced.