SEO Friendly URL

Developing a website maintaining SEO friendly url is always an advantage for google to parse data thereby enhance the site€™s overall SEO. The URL that contains is not healthy for SEO and it prone to data manipulation too via sql injection from the browsers address bar. An experienced hacker quiet easily hack/inject external data into the DB or getting your valuable data from the DB. These URL(s) are may be called as Dirty URL(s) or Irrelevant URL(s). The dirty url(s) have the following demerits. The clean or seo friendly url should have the structure like This is very clear that dirty url is not relevant for the modern web development.

  • Dirty URL(s) are hard to type/memorize
  • Dirty URLs do not promote usability
  • Prone to risk/sql injection/data hacking
  • Dirty URLs impede abstraction and maintainability

The Clean URL has many advantages viz-

  • Google search engine easily parse data via site url.
  • Easy to remember/memorise.
  • It does not expose the inner directories there by enhance site security.
  • WordPress (permalink) or joomla are the very easy choice for the developers for this reason.
  • Clean URL often self explanatory to users about the page content and its details. For example does not imply to show about us page but indicates the user that this is about us page of the site.