Why you use a PHP Framework?

Key benefits of using a MVC PHP framework:

Structured Coding: If you use a framework – your code will be very structured and organised. This way you may code more faster and this ensure the security of the site. Using Model-View-Controller you can separate Raw Code/functions ( in Controller), Business Logic/DB interaction ( in Models) and HTML (in Views).

Save time: Using framework you may save coding time a lot by reusing your code from previous projects. You can use Controllers, Models, and evn Views – just changing the CSS etc. Thats it. This way you can deliver projects in less time.

Best High Ranking PHP Frameworks


Working in Big Project: If you like to work in Big projects – you better to use a Good Framework. Using framework you can easily extend your Classes in future to make upgradation easily.

Access to API-how the Web is moving these days, have the ability to Twitter, Yahoo and Google among others a great way to expand your Web site easily.

Support from Community: You will get help & support from the Community. There you may find some useful resource as well.

After all you can attach a new feather to your Portfolio by learning something new. This will help you getting more Projects globally.

You should use a PHP framework for the following reasons:

1. Model-View-Controller (MVC)
2. Separate PHP from HTML
3. User-friendly URL Namespaces
4. Rapid Development

Here is a list of Top 5 PHP Frameworks

Laravel https://laravel.com

CodeIgniter http://codeigniter.com

Yii http://www.yiiframework.com

CakePHP http://cakephp.org

Zend http://www.zend.com

Symfony http://www.symfony-project.org