W3C Validated Websites and its advantages

W3C validated websites and its importance:

W3C_validated_websites_and_HTML5This is perhaps the most importance factor to maintain in your web page to make it SEO friendly. The wortd w3c stands for World Wide Web Consortium is an international web monitoring standard for the internet. The main purpose (objective) of the W3C is to ensure that all websites and their components work effectively without any glitches. This is a standard rule to be maintained so that there is no error in your website HTML tags and style sheets (CSS).

Benefits of W3C validated website:

  1. A w3c validated website loads faster and as it has no html/css error so these website can easily be crawled by major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing which makes it grabbing TOP rank in Search Results.
  2. Maintaining the w3c validation increases your site’s reputation. Search engine like this feature. So the site will easily be listed in Google.
  3. Apart from w3c compliant – one should take care of “User Friendly And Easy Accessibility”. The webmaster should use proper keyword, Page Title and description and Page navigation for ease of web page browsing.
  4. This will help the webmaster to manage the website with ease particularly when site maintenance is required. It is because w3c has a standard rule and it acts like a yard stick to measure the web page quality and performance.